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Select the "Base Traits" menu, and choose the "Shields And Health" option. Then, set the difficulty to Legendary, and start a match. You will get approximately ten credits per minute by doing this.

Set up a game of Forge with the timer set for one hour, and then end the game.

While holding an object, press X and highlight "Change object color".

Only the Mongoose changes color; all other vehicles do not.

Easy Carter's helmet avatar You normally have to complete a level on the Legendary difficulty without dying to unlock Carter's helmet avatar.

However, you can instead play up until just before the end of a level, and select "Save and Quit" after a checkpoint.

You will get credits for the amount of time you are in the level.

Haunted Helmet Purchase every single helmet and helmet permutation to unlock a bonus helmet called the "Haunted Helmet".Quickly scale objects Find a surface that is slanted slightly; not perfectly vertical, but not horizontal. You can also jump to it from several stories up; thus, surviving a fall.For example, in "Forge World", you can jump from the high mountains located to the left of the waterfall to the slightly tilted rocks below.Auto fire While holding an automatic weapon, crouch and press Select for the gun to fire repeatedly.Auto fast forward in Theater mode Hold RT, press Start, release RT, then press Start again to automatically fast forward your replay until you pause it or press RT.

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