Dating vintage fiestaware

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It was not uncommon for housewives to bury their red Fiesta in the backyard for fear of contamination.It is true that the original red glaze did have some radiation in it, but it is a very miniscule amount.Newer pieces don’t contain those exact clues, but they do offer others.For example, new water pitchers use the same molds as the originals, but a dimple on the inside of the handle tells you it’s post-1986.Williams Design, Fiestaware: We have a selection of vintage and newly manufactured pieces.Fiesta, America's Favourite Dinnerware, was introduced to the public in 1936 and is the most collected tableware with over one half billion pieces produced.

All of these have their followings, but Fiesta remains king.The original 1936 Fiesta line was limited to just five colors — red (some call it uranium orange), cobalt blue, light green, yellow, and ivory. These are referred to as the "original colours" There were 34 pieces in that original lineup, from coffee pot to sugar bowls, candle holders to casseroles, dinner plates to carafes.Seventeen more styles of cups (including the Tom and Jerry mugs), marmalade's, mustard's, platters and vases were added before the end of the 1930's.Fiesta was not the only, or even first, line of colorful dinnerware sold in the United States.Bauer Ringware preceded Fiesta by about seven years.

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