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Speaking the japer version of Vallader will open the doors of the whole Engiadina valley too, the further up the more exotic though (and the other way around when one learns the Samedan idiom).

All idioms are mutually intelligible to native speaker, as a foreign speaker, you will have to work for it.

Since we are moving soon to a community which is predominantly Romansh...

I will probably have to quickly learn the language too to help integration.

That was the time when the locals up there said I spoke and wrote a cleaner Rumantsch than themselves, which, by the way, was mainly due to the fact that every village has its own dialect, while the way I spoke was kind of a synthesis of many local dialects.

Sometimes I simply cannot remember a simple word without having the Dicziunari Rumantsch Ladin at hand.Dad for a week or two per year between 19 worked upthere and spoke Italian (the one he had learnt in Biasca in WWII) but understood their language, and never had problems Yup, Wikipedia was kind to provide me with the information that the prodominant language is Romansh (80% ) That has me quite a bit worried since I have no ability to speak Italian at all.It is a village of 350 people, so I am really unsure what to expect when we get there. from Sd Tirol Italy and it seems the communities in Mstair and Sd Tirol are somehow very close, even though they are 2 different countries.Funny fact: "aber" and "schon" are to be considered now as totally romansh words, they couldn't do without them anymore.Your new newspaper is La Quotidiana, or if you want to specialize in Engadin life the Engadiner Post (mainly German with a double page in romansh, mixed Vallader and Puter without warning).

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