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Little Serow, right next to Komi, 1511 17Issan style, combined with the quality ingredients and overall standards of fine dining. Don Rockwell says it may be the best new restaurant in the U. Right now we are down to this and Angeethi as our two excellent Indian restaurants.

Get the tapioca chicken, the Isan sausage , and the Thai vermicelli in chili peanut sauce.

So if you feel you don't really enjoy Chinese food so much, think again. Fifteen years ago Maryland had better ethnic food, but now we are ahead in Chinese, Indian, and most other areas as well, excepting of course the Caribbean. But before proceeding, don't assume that it's always open (although it usually is), or even that it's still there.

Typically I have restricted my entries to what I regard as the best, or most interesting, examples of that cuisine in the area.

Ordering the plain steak in Latin America may be a great idea, but it is usually a mistake in Northern Virginia. Meals composed of appetizers and side dishes alone can be very satisfying. Keep in mind that you are ordering for variety, not for quantity. Actually the best advice is to do exactly what I recommend under each particular heading. The first is that we now have plenty of places with first-rate Chinese food.

Opt for dishes with sauces and complex mixes of ingredients. Thai and Lebanese restaurants provide the classic examples of this principle. Our region used to be pathetic in this category, now it is a leading light.

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