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Julie Teeger (played by Emmy Clarke) is Natalie's teenage daughter.

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Monk Goes to a Fashion Show", when Julian Hodge (Malcolm Mc Dowell) invites her to participate in his fashion show, despite her young age. When Monk discovers that Hodge murdered models Clea Vance and Natasia Zorelle, Natalie forbids her daughter to participate in the show, causing Julie to run away from home to be in the show. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy", Julie teaches Monk how to use her computer.Wires get crossed, resulting in the SWAT team storming a slumber party of innocent teens, including Julie, near to death. Monk and the Big Game", Julie and her friends on the high school basketball team hire Monk to investigate the death of their basketball coach, Lynn Hayden, after she is found electrocuted and killed in the locker room.Natalie temporarily coaches the team with Monk as her assistant.For manufacturing on-demand movies & TV shows, processing time could be up to 1 week on average.We do our best to fulfill orders as quickly as we can.

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