Online dating wink

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Winks can solve a whole lot of these problems all at once. A man would much rather have you send him a full message than a minimalist wink.A wink allows a woman to quickly and easily tell a man she’s interested in him without having to spend a lot of time and attention trying to craft together a detailed message. But a man also would rather have you send him a wink than nothing at all.

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You view a few more of their pictures and quite like what you find out about them… From my experience, I find ‘favourite’ means I’ve been shortlisted; the winks say they find me attractive and want to know if the feeling is mutual; and a message equals business.

I’ve had a few copy and pasted messages which have been exact replicas of previous messages, this is a massive no, no!

Really long messages don’t work either, it’s best that they’re short and sweet, leaving me intrigued to know more, rather than trying to sell themselves like a CV.

What makes you decide whether to wink or not to wink?

When online dating, you can scroll through lots of different profiles, making it difficult to decide exactly what you’re looking for: are you waiting for someone to catch your eye with an interesting picture, or maybe an unusual name?

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