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When I came back to it, I just started doing card readings.

I didn't like Tarot cards though, because they were one dimensional and I didn't really connect with them.

Not only did I get great psychic advice, she helped me to see things on a personal and spiritual level and gave me a relaxation technique to help quiet my mind and connect to my own inner knowing.

I highly recommend Nirup for guidance on any level.

It is also beneficial to send a photo of yourself when having an email psychic reading, as I can receive allot of energy and information about you, off your photo, just as I can receive energy and impressions while talking with you over the phone in a psychic phone reading.

It is because of my years of training in India, in a Mystery School; awakening to my psychic gifts, studying meditation, and spiritual awakening techniques that I have the abilities to read into a person on many levels of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual body. In my readings with my clients I encourage them to look within themselves for their answers as well, and can give them guidance on how to do this.

And, before you even go there, it was information one definitely cannot find through google.

I looked at other sites and reviews, but I was drawn to Nirup. The whole event was so impulsive, but yet I knew I was going to see my father.I have had other psychic readings, and found Nirup to be at a very skilled level of being able to tune into me and those around me, even though they were not present.Nirup is very caring and compassionate and that energy comes through in her sessions.I know that I will keep him in my heart, and I know now that’s OK. Truly appreciated the guidance and insight, and as you recommended , I will stay with the present without probing any further. She provided me with a lot of guidance in navigating certain issues I am having.I will remain open for the one that is coming soon. In addition to psychic insights, she provided me with information on Qi Gong practices, which I had never really considered using before, but am interested in trying now. I've been a believer all my life, 'encounter's or 'events' are regular enough and were always there.

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