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Bank of Italy was renamed on November 3, 1930, to Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association, which was the only such designated bank in the United States of America at that time.Giannini and Monnette headed the resulting company, serving as co-chairs.Bank of America has been the subject of many lawsuits and investigations regarding both mortgages and financial disclosures dating back to the financial crisis, including a record settlement of .65 billion on August 21, 2014.when Amadeo Pietro Giannini founded the Bank of Italy in San Francisco.New technologies also allowed credit cards to be linked directly to individual bank accounts.In 1958, the bank introduced the Bank Americard, which changed its name to Visa in 1977.This article is about a commercial bank unaffiliated with the government.For the central bank of the United States, see Federal Reserve System.

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There is a replica of the 1909 Bank of Italy branch bank in History Park in San Jose, and the 1925 Bank of Italy Building is an important downtown landmark.A consortium of other California banks introduced Master Charge (now Master Card) to compete with Bank Americard.Following the passage of the Bank Holding Company Act of 1956, Bank America Corporation was established for the purpose of owning and operation of Bank of America and its subsidiaries.However, federal banking regulators prohibited Bank of America's interstate banking activity, and Bank of America's domestic banks outside California were forced into a separate company that eventually became First Interstate Bancorp, later acquired by Wells Fargo and Company in 1996.It was not until the 1980s, with a change in federal banking legislation and regulation, that Bank of America was again able to expand its domestic consumer banking activity outside California.

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