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This comes despite Ms Keller's mother claiming on Wednesday that she had no idea how her daughter had ended up in the car with the brothers and friend Joe Bagala. We don't know any of the people in that car except Breeana,' Mr Francis said.'She didn't know them either, so we're just at a loss – we can't believe it.' Her former boyfriend Issac Treml has been posting tributes to the blonde swimwear model throughout the week, remembering: 'The girl who loved him for his flaws'.

It came as bikies on rented motorcycles, drummers and a blue Lamborghini Huracan worth 0,000 led a hearse carrying the Nasr brothers out of their funeral.

'He said there was no need and didn't do even a cursory examination,' she says.

He sent her home and told her to take painkillers and touch her toes every morning.

As their white coffins were led out of the church some mourners danced as they held photos of the pair aloft.

Jean Duggleby was lifting her bicycle into the boot of her car when she felt her back crack.

'I've always been fit so it never occurred to me that I'd broken a bone, I thought I'd pulled a muscle,' says the retired teacher from North-East London. Instead, a week afterwards, Jean went to her GP and asked for an investigation.

Michal Navratil and women's newcomer Rhiannan Iffland were the surprise stars on the first day of competition at Hell's Gate, as reigning champions Gary Hunt and Rachelle Simpson failed to shine on a gloriously sunny afternoon in Texas.

Earlier doubts about the weather soon evaporated as the clouds cleared and action got underway in the first event of the 2016 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

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